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* psychic self-defense *

"Don't try this at home, kids!" If you wish to try any of the exercises mentioned at the front, some knowledge of psychic self-defense may be useful. The following is based on the excellent introduction to the theme, Dion Fortune's "Psychic Self-defense", re-published by Samuel Weiser, 1992.

Psychic attacks are most often carried out through existing links between you and the attacker. These are most often projective links created by your own fears, desires or other emotions towards others, be they positive or negative. Links are also established through eye contact, through things that used to be your posessions, or through images or models of your physical form, including visualizations.

Types of attack*

Astral attacks are the placing of highly charged emotions, mostly negative, in your aura in order to amplify similarly harmful vibrations already dwelling in your system. In some cases negative forces have been evoked to multiply the effect. The experience is often loss of energy, in some cases smell or even slime. The structure and dynamics of astral attacks are similar to those of astral healing, except that the desired effect is the contrary.*

Etheric projection works slightly denser. In a state of trance, etheric matter is projected as a thread from the attacker, establishing a pale creature to frighten, etherically drain or physically damage the victim. The same technique is applied by vampyres and deads clinging to life but lacking etheric energy (my wife once fel wictim to such a creature). Again, a similar technique will work for recharging the etheric aura of a diseased person.*

Artificial beings are a third variation. They can be constructed as an etheric thoughtform in the image of a real or imaginary creature. This thoughtform is envigorated with the etheric matter of the attacker, by being filed by an elemental being, or through the evocation of negative powers.*

Suggested action*

The reaction to any of these forms of attack could be, for instance:

Break all links towards the attacker*

Leave your usual environment, seek sun and fresh air, buy new clothes, get a haircut, bathe in the sea (salt water!). Distract your own attention, fill up your stomach, cover the Solar Plexus, go to church. Visualize that you are cutting the links to the attacker with a powerful sword (like the sword of the archangel Michael), or ask someone to do it. If you meet the attacker, focus on the eyebrows, not into the eyes.

Purity prevents*

Clean your aura and the atmosphere where you work and live. Use the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram to establish a magic circle. Elementals are always stopped by the pentagram. Raise your energy through meditation to throw off stupid and bothering life forms and negative emotional links.

Absorbtion of artificial beings*

Artificial creatures which have been brought to life by other methods than elementals must be absorbed. Meditate and pray that the being / your aura be filled with the emotion complementary to the vibration of the being. When the creature has been weakened enough by this procedure, pull it into your solar plexus and absorb it. You may experience some emotional turbulence at this moment. Go deep into a pentagram-ritual to re-balance your energy field.

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