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Welcome to Copenhagen Qabalah, a reference for study and practical use of the hermetic qabalah.

The human condition is a challenging one. Opposition and crisis are fundamentals of living. When everything else fails, we turn to the gods. Prayer, magic, healing are common names for this activity. It may lead us to new insigths or teach us new capabilities, letting us break through that which used to be barriers, or making us see the possibilities of choosing another direction or interpretation. Only when facing crisis, we humans accept the learning inflow of these spiritual qualities.

The hermetic qabalah is one among several maps - a tree actually - of the qualities available to us within spirit, represented by symbols. It also provides a number of rituals, that stimulate our ability to integrate them. Get introduced to the roots of the qabalah, Jewish mystecism, Western hermeticism, and renaissance Cristianity, here.

The qabalah is about changing what you see, making the world change accordingly. Let the following quote act as a mission statement of this site:

"I am a sorcerer. Everything I see I create. I have created, and will continue to create my own world"

Morten Hass


the tree of life - a map of powers

The qabalah's central map of powers is the Tree of Life (seen right). It symbolizes a process of life from that which is divinely out of our reach (God) through the planes of human consciousness, until physical death at its botton. The tree to the right is clickable, letting you dive into each of its powers seperately. Before browsing it you need to get familiar with its main structures:

The 10 Sephiroth, #1-10 depicted on the tree, the ten divine qualities or stages of creation that we need to manifest in our lives.

The 22 Paths, #11-32 on the tree, the 22 connections we all need to build within in order to utilize the 10 divine qualities.

The Polarities of the Tree - pillars and triangles, the way qualities and connections interact to benefit the growth process.

The Creative Process of Four Elements - fire, water, air, earth as a process, the tree as four sections or as a sequence of four trees.

The Sepher Yetzirah and The Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom, two important qabalistic texts on the sephiroth and paths.

Qabalah books, a top five, Robert Wang, Dion Fortune, Will Parfitt., Israel Regardie, etc.


healing magic - rituals that change your world through you

We gain access to the qualities of the tree through healing magic - ritual activity that teaches us the qualities of the tree through active meditation on symbols. For each spiritual qualitiy we integrate into our human existence, we sacrifice a piece of our individual personality. Human growth to get your way with the world means gradually aligning yourself with cosmic will. This is the divine trap of desire. To start your growth process of healing magic, consult these sections of the website:

Qabalistic Healing Magic, describing the magic activity of symbolizing that sacrifices the personality, including an overview table providing access to all qabalistic rituals.

The Seven-Formula of Magic, the universal formula of magic, healing, prayer, spiritual invocation of any religion, magickal or mystery tradition.

The Qabalistic Cross, the basic qabalistic exercise that aligns you with the structure of the tree, through the rhythm of a well-known Christian prayer. I did it once, and I was a qabalist.

The Corpus Hermeticum and Oration on the Dignity of Man, two major texts of the western magickal tradition, the first founding hermeticism, the other merging qabalah and Christianity.


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