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the lesser banishing ritual

of the pentagram


This ritual creates a safe and energized magic circle in which energy can be moved or any operation of magic can be performed: The 'clean room' of the magician. Suitable for opening and closing any piece of magical work.

A Perform The Qabalistic Cross facing East. *

B Inscribe a circle of Pentagrams around you. *

1 Still facing East, use either the extended forefinger of your right hand or a dagger. Keeping the arm straight, inscribe by the use of your imagination a large banishing pentagram with the point up in the air in front of you. Visualize the lines composing the pentagram in blue flaming light.

The banishing pentagram: Bring your hand from a position near your left thigh, to a point in front of you level with the forehead and back to a position near the right thigh (= an inverted 'V'). Then, bring the hand up to a point just left of the body at the same height as the shoulders. Draw it across in front of the body to the same shoulder height position at the right side of the body. Complete the pentagram by returning the hand to the starting point of your left thigh. As your hand moves upwards, breathe in - downwards, breathe out.

Take an in-breath as you as you draw your hand back to your chest. Stab you fingers or dagger into the center of the pentagram and vibrate the Godname: YHVH using the full out-breath (pronounced 'Ye-ho-wah', the tetragrammaton translated into latin = Jehovah, in English: 'He/She Is'). Now feel that the God of the Israelites stand before you and anything harmful from the East, and imagine the pentagram glowing with a fiery and potent force. *

2 Keeping the hand extended, turn to the South. Visualize that the blue flame follows you fingers or dagger, tracing a blue line from the east pentagram to the South. Repeat the same process, except vibrate a different Godname: ADNI (pronounced 'Ah-doh-nai', translated as 'Lord'). Realise that the Lord of all that exists stand before you and ward off anything that is harmful from the South. The Pentagram glows. *

3 Turn to the West, tracing the blue flame from South to West, repeat the process and vibrate: EHEIEH (pronounced 'Eh-hay-yay', 'I am' or 'I am that I am'). See that the God who Exists and who spoke to Moses from the burning bush stand before you and ward off anything that is harmful from the West.*

4 Turn to the North, tracing the blue flame from West to North, repeat the process and vibrate: AGLA (pronounced 'Ah-gue-lah'- a composite of Atah Gibor le Olam Amen, 'Thou art mighty forever O'Lord!'). Feel that the mighty and eternal God stand before you and anything harmful from the North*

5 Then, with the hand still outstretched, return to the East, tracing the blue flame from North to East. Stab you fingers or dagger into the center of the first pentagram. *

6 Visualize that you are surrounded by four flaming pentagrams connected by a line of blue fire. *

C Invoke the Archangels. *

1 Facing East, extend your arms in the form of a cross. Now visualise yourself standing within a powerful pentagram, and proclaim: *

2 'Before me, RAPHAEL' (pronounced 'Rah-fah-yell', translated as 'Healing of God') - visualize Raphael, the Archangel of Air, to the East towering above you robed in yellow which, as it rustles in the refreshing breeeze blowing from the rear of the figure, flashes with purple overtones). *

3 'Behind me, GABRIEL' ('Gah-bree-ell', 'Might of God') - visualize Gabriel, the Archangel of Water, to the West, standing in a giant column of water and holding aloft a Cup from which flows water. His robe is of shimmering blue with overtones of orange). *

4 'On my right hand, MICHAEL' ('Mee-khah-ell', 'Likeness of God') - visualize Michael, the Archangel of Fire, to the South, clothed in robes of red, flashing with a greenish fire, holding aloft a flaming sword). *

5 'On my left hand, AURIEL' ('aw-ree-ell', 'Light of God') - visualize Auriel, Archangel of Earth, to the North, standing in front of a vast column of mixed browns and greens, on a pentacle, clad in the colours of the seasons, citrine, olive, russet and black. *

6 'For about me flames the Pentagrams, and in the column stands the six-rayed star' (imagine a shining hexagram - a Star of David - above your head and crowning the circle of the Pentagrams, feel energy radiating down from the Star through the column of your whole body). *

D Repeat The Qabalistic Cross. *


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