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the state of meditation

To achieve the full results from the rituals mentioned on this site, you should begin any ritual work by entering a meditative consciousness where any disturbances from your body, mind and emotions have been silenced. The exercise will silence the lower parts of your personality to function as a vehicle for the consciousness of the higher self. This will prepare you for receiving the energies invoked by the ritual in their most undisturbed form.

1Perform The Qabalistic Cross facing East *

2 Pay attention to your breathing. Simply observe and leave it moving at its own natural rhythm. Wait until you are sure that you are not interfering. *

3 Observe and relax your body from the toes and up. Be aware of any sensations that show up but don't try to suppress them. See that the sensations are transmitted through an energy field close to the shape of your physical structure. Pay attention to this energy field. Breathe in deeply. While breathing out, affirm to yourself: "My body is at peace". Then leave the sphere of energy quietly floating in harmony.*

4 Notice your emotions and feelings moving in a sphere of energy within and close to the body. Be aware of the emotions flowing in the sphere but let them pass. Take a deep breath and affirm to yourself: "My emotions and feelings are at peace". Then see the sphere from outside becoming like quiet water.*

5 Pay attention to your thoughts. See them moving independent from you like sparks of electricity in an airy sphere or pressure around your body. Let any thoughts arise but do not jugde or involve yourself in them. Breathe deeply and affirm: "My thoughts are at peace". Then leave this sphere with your cleaned-up thoughts to itself.*

6 Watch the three spheres around your body and feel that any remains of negativity, worry and fear are disappearing and are being replaced with more harmonious qualities of joy, love, light and protection. Notice how the colours, sounds and smell of the three spheres are being transformed. *

7 Be aware that you are now observing your thoughts, feeling, emotions and body from outside - that you ARE not these elements of the personality. You have entered a state of meditation where you are seeing these vehicles of your incarnation from the viewpoint of your immortal self. Now affirm to yourself "I am Self-aware". Then pay attention to your attention. *

8 Perform The Qabalistic Cross.*


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