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the ritual of the hexagram


The Hexagram represents the workings of the Seven Planets under the presidency of the Sephiroth and of 'Ararita', the divine name of Seven letters formed of the Hebrew initials of the following sentence: "One is his beginning. One is his individuality. His permutation is one". The Hexagram is sometimes called the Signet or Symbol of the Macrocosm, like the Pentagram is called the Signet Star or Symbol of the Microcosm. *

Hexagram rituals are for working with the forces of the Planets, the Sephiroth and the Zodiac. The Planets er attributed to the angles of the Hexagram according to their position upon the Tree of Life: The Sun/Tiphareth in the centre, Saturn/Binah at the very top (representing the Supernals), Jupiter/Chesed top right, Mars/Geburah top left, Venus/Netzach bottom right, Mercury/Hod bottom left, and Moon at the very bottom (representing Yesod and Malkuth). Learn these directions by heart before you continue. *

The Hexagram is composed of two triangles of Fire (points up) and Water (points down). Invoking Hexagrams are traced following the course of the sun in their current (clockwise), and banishing hexagram are traced in the opposite direction, from the same starting point (angle) of the Hexagram. *

The Hexagram of any particular planet (or Sephiroth) is traced in two triangles, the first starting from the angle of the planet in focus, the second starting opposite to the angle of the first. Then the symbol of the Planet is traced in the centre, and the God-name of the corresponding Sephirah is vibrated into it. Always face the Planet's actual position while doing the ritual. *

When working with the Moon, always trace a symbol for the Moon that corresponds with its actual position - increase (the right half is visible, favorable!), decrease (the left half is visible), full (shining circle) or new (dark circle). *

In working with the Sun, you need to trace all six Hexagrams of the six Planets surrounding the Sun in their Sephirotic order (Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon). In all six Hexagrams the normal symbol and God-name of each Planet is replaced with the symbol and God-name of the Sun. *

If you wish to work with a number of forces at a time, trace the circle and the Hexagrams in an undifferentiated manner - e.g. the Saturn Hexagrams used for more general rituals - then invoke each planet or Sign facing the Quarter of heavens where they are actually located. *


Here it comes:

the lesser ritual of the hexagram

1 Chose a Planet to work with. Use the Hexagrams of Saturn in general or unimportant operations. *

2 Face East (preferably, make East the Quarter of the Heavens where the Planet in focus is located). Perform The Qabalistic Cross. *

3 Invoke the planetary powers at the four quarters. *

A East, the position of Fire in the Zodiac

Towards the East, you trace a form of the Hexagram where the lower triangle is flipped vertically and lowered so that the angle of the Moon - now pointing upwards - is positioned exactly in the centre of the upper triangle: *

Trace one triangle first, beginning clockwise (invoking) at the angle of the Planet or Sephiroth in focus (banishing runs opposite). Then trace the other triangle, beginning at the angle of the Planet which in a normal Hexagram is opposite to the one which started the first triangle. (Normal opposites are: Saturn/Moon, Jupiter/Mercury, Mars/Venus) *

Point the figure and vibrate "ARARITA". *

B South, the position of Earth in the Zodiac, the Sun at its culmination at noon

Expand the circle towards the South with your magical weapon. *

Trace an ordinary Hexagram: First triangle beginning (invoking) with the Planet in focus, second triangle starting at the angle of its opposite. *

Point the figure and vibrate "ARARITA". *

C West, the position of Air in the Zodiac

Expand the circle towards the West with your magical weapon. *

Towards the West, you trace a form of the Hexagram where the lower triangle is lowered just below the upper triangle, their lower (Venus-Mercury) and upper (Jupiter-Mars) sides respectively, almost touching. Again, trace the first triangle from the angle of the Planet in focus and the second from the angle of its opposite (trace clockwise when invoking). *

Point the figure and vibrate "ARARITA". *

D North, the position of Water in the Zodiac

Expand the circle towards the North with your magical weapon. *

Towards the North, you trace a form of the Hexagram where the (normaly) lower triangle is raised above the "upper" triangle until the bottom angle of the Moon is positioned exactly at the angle of Saturn on top of the "upper" triangle. Begin with the Planet in focus and its opposite (All planets are in their normal position). *

Point the figure and vibrate "ARARITA". *

4 Close the circle with your magical weapon by expanding it towards the starting point at the East. Feel the workings of the specific energy attracted by the invocation. *

5 Banish all powers by performing the ritual again, but counter clockwise, going back to the Hexagram in the North, through West and South towards the East. In each Hexagram, the currents in both triangles are traced counter clockwise. *

(Example of banishing hexagrams in a ritual where Saturn has been invoked:)

6 Close the ritual by performing The Qabalistic Cross. *


the supreme ritual of the hexagram

This 'Supreme' version of this ritual attracts not only a planetary force, but also the Sign of the Zodiac in which the Planet is positioned at the moment. It implies two extensions of the Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram:

- You trace both the sign of the planet AND the sign of the particular Zodiac Sign into the centre of each Hexagram. *

- Into each Hexagram you vibrate three names: 1: The Divine Name of the Sephiroth ruling the Planet you are working with ­ 2: "ARARITA" ­ 3: the Letter of A-R-A-R-I-T-A corresponding with the number of the Planet (the first Letter "A" for Saturn, "R" for Jupiter, and so on). *

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