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Like The Middle Pillar Exercise, The Lightning Flash builds up chakra-links in your aura to the macrocosmic structure of Tree of Life. This exercise is even more powerful as it connects you with all ten Sephiroth through their respective godnames. It is an easy way of becoming familiar with ten godnames and coloured spheres of light which symbol the Tree of Life in the exalted fiery world of Atziluth.

The exercise and the symnbol of The Lightning Flash mirrors the basic philosophy of the qabalah. The Universe is continuously coming into being by a process of energy flowing out from the unmanifest into Kether, then through the nine following Sephiroth, ending as the materialized, perceptible being of Malkuth.

Take your time to pronounce the words very slowly and feel the vibration of each word. Put as much will, energy and imagination as possible into your performance.

A Perform The Qabalistic Cross facing East. Now feel the Tree of Life being one with your body as if you had 'backed into it', the Pillars of Severity and Mercy integrated into your right and left, respectively.*

1 Touch a point about seven inches above your head, your Kether. Now visualize a sphere of pure brilliance emanating from this point. Breathe in deeply and vibrate the godname EHEIEH (pronounced "Eh-hay-yay", 'I am', 'I will be' or 'I am that I am'). *

2 Use either the extended forefinger of your right hand or a dagger. Inscribe by the use of your imagination a stream of clear pulsating light from Kether to your Chokmah, a point to the left of your head. Feel a dynamic sphere of pure soft blue light emanating from Chokmah. Take a deep breath and vibrate YHVH (pronounced "Ye-ho-wah", 'The Lord') into the sphere. *

3 Let the stream of light flow steadily from Chokmah to your Binah, a point on the opposite, right side of your head. As the stream reaches Binah, a sphere of vibrating crimson emanates there. Inhale deeply and vibrate the godname YHVH ELOHIM (pronounced "Ye-ho-wah El-o-heem" - 'Lord God' or 'Lord of Gods') into the sphere. *

4 Now you continue the stream across you throat (Daath, the Abyss) to Chesed (Gedulah) at your left shoulder, where a sphere of deep violet comes into being. Vibrate the godname EL ('God - The Mighty One') into the sphere. *

5 Lead the stream of light to Geburah at your right shoulder where it gives birth to a sphere of fiery orange. Connect this point in your aura with the universal Geburah by vibrating ELOHIM GEBOR (pronounced "El-o-heem Geh-boor" - 'God of Battles', God Almighty').*

6 Experience the light continue to Tiphareth within your heart creating a sphere of clear pink rose. Then vibrate the godname YHVH ELOAH VA DAATH (pronounced "Ye-ho-wah El-o-aah Vah Daard" - 'Lord God of all Knowledge').*

7 The light-stream flows on into Netzach located to the left of your waist where it envigorates a new sphere of glowing amber. Vibrate the godname YHVH TZABAOTH into the sphere (pronounced "Ye-ho-wah Tzwa-Oth", 'Lord of Hosts'). *

8 Continue the stream of light into Hod on the opposite side of the body to the right of your waist above the hips. As the stream eaches Hod, a sphere of violet purple comes into being. The godname of Hod ELOHIM TZABAOTH is vibrated into the sphere (pronounced "El-o-heem Tzwa-Oth", 'God of Hosts')*

9 Let the light flow further down into Yesod within your hip and genital area forming a sphere of fluctuating indigo. Take a deep breath and vibrate the divine name SHADDAI EL CHAI (pronounced "Sha-di el-chie" - 'Almighty God of Life'). *

10 Finally, the light reaches Malkuth at the base between your legs (or even under your feet) where it forms a sphere of fertile yellow. You vibrate its godname ADONAI HA-ARETZ (pronounced "Ah-don-I ha-aretz" - 'Lord of the Earth'). *

B Let the stream of light ascend anew through the same stations in the opposite direction. This time vibrate the godnames only within. Be aware of the energy flowing between heaven and earth through the ten chakras in your aura. Feel the tremendous energy, stability and peace The Lightning Flash is bringing into your life.*

C Thank the powers that have been involved. Take a deep breath and feel the spheres fade to become invisible. Perform The Qabalistic Cross to balance the energy and close the ritual. *


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