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the qabalistic cross

This exercise connects you to the Tree of Life, balances your aura and acts as a protection against unwanted intrusions to the aura. Pronounce the words very slowly and stretch the wowels. Feel the vibration of each word. Put as much will, energy and imagination as possible into your performance.

1 Stand facing East. *

2 Touch you forehead (midway between or slightly above the eyebrows) with the first two (or index) fingers of your right hand.

Visualize a line of shining, silver-bright light from above entering the body and creating a light sphere at that point.

Vibrate: 'ATEH' (pronounced 'ahtah') = 'for thine'

Be aware of the innermost self residing within you *

3 Lower hand to the genital area - point and visualize the line extending down to your feet

Vibrate: 'MALKUTH' (pronounced 'malkut') = 'is the kingdom'

Be aware of your body *

4 Raise hand and touch right shoulder visualizing a sphere of light emerging there.

Vibrate: 'VE GEBURAH' (pronounced 'ver geboorah') = 'the power'

Be aware of your power *

5 Draw a line of light across from your right shoulder to your left shoulder and visualize another sphere of light there.

Vibrate: 'VE GEDULAH' (pronouncd 'ver gedoolah') = 'and the glory'

Be aware of your love energy (Gedulah is another name of Chesed) *

6 Clasp your two hands together over your heart. Visualize a shining, white cross of light inscribed over your body - head to feet and shoulder to shoulder.

Vibrate: 'LE OLAHM' (pronounced 'le ohlarm') = 'for ever and ever'

Be aware of exactly where you are (here), excactly at this moment (now) *

7 Extend your arms out so you are standing as a cross.

Vibrate: 'AMEN' = 'let it be so' *


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