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The following books are recommended for further studies into the hermetic qabalah:*

I. Robert Wang (1983): "Qabalistic Tarot ­ A textbook of mystical philosophy". New York: Samuel Weiser Inc. For the hermetic qabalist, Wang's book is THE guide for the journey into the tree of life through the symbolism of the tarot. Wang explains in detail the Golden Dawn's qabalistic philosophy and interprets four different tarot decks in terms of the tree of life.*****

II. Dion Fortune (1935/84): "The Mystical Qabalah". York Beach. Samuel Weiser Inc. Dion Fortune provides the best introduction to the philosophical foundations of magic and the qabalah. Each of the ten Sephiroth are analysed in detail and all important correspondances are provided in tables.***

III. Will Parfitt (1995): "The New Living Qabalah. A practical experimental guide to understanding the Tree of Life". Element Books Ltd. Shaftesbury. Will Parfitt's book is a cornucopia of practical exercises, most of them qabalistic. In this way, his book stimulates the reader's own relationship with the tree. His correspondance tables are probably the most comprehensive available.***

IV. Israel Regardie (1937/1998): "The Golden Dawn. A complete course in practical ceremonial magic. The original account of the teachings, rites and ceremonies of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn". 6th edition. Llewellyn Publications. St. Paul, Minnesota. It's a classic: The original papers of the Golden Dawn. Not always well written or easy to read, these papers should be browsed by any magician as they are the historical point of departure of any hermetic qabalist - like it or not.**

V. You must meditate upon the major qabalistic works: The Sepher Yetzirah with The Thirty-two Paths of Wisdom, the translations by William Wynn Westcott. If you need them in print, they are for instance published by Kessinger Publishing, Montana, USA.


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