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9. yesod


Yesod is the ninth stage where the emanations of the entire tree of life are adopted and employed through the cosmic web of basic life energy. Charged with life energy of Yesod, the emanations of the tree have the power to effectively influence Malkuth, the sensual, physical world. Yesod is the magical link between mind and matter, the foundation and support of our existence, a great fundamental force for good and evil.

The life energy of Yesod is usually identified with the etheric plane, the sphere of the aether, also called the Akasha, or the Astral Light. It is built from the same electrical-magnetic current that runs through each person's etheric body and enables us to stay healthy and strong. Its magnetism is the dynamo of sex, also known as Kundalini. It can be excited and accessed in a number of ways like prayer, meditation, sexual stimulation or rituals. Its intensity or 'tides' follow the cycles of the Moon, the richness of the waxing or full moon alternates with the low tides of the waning or absent moon.

This life energy is not a passive material. Its currents are structured around the images of the combined human unconscious for which it is the primary raw material. These are the images of any dream or directed visualization. Seductive and frightening images of the dreams and fears of humanity are recorded in The Astral Light and are guiding the waves of etheric energy for good and bad. That is why this 'substance of the imagination' confers magical or psychic abilities to any person who puts in the meditative discipline - for good or evil purposes. What you see in the glow of this energy is what you get.

This Foundation may not only be a positive one. As emphasized by Freud on a personal level, some images are surpressed or repressed stuff from the past which even today is unconsciously directing our drives of emotional and sexual attraction and repulsion. Unconscious programming - symbolized by the Dark side of the Moon and the witch goddess Hecate - forces the life energy in certain directions and limits the magician's freedom of action. At worst it causes psycho somatic disease.

The astral storehouse of images is a wilderness of mirrors, illusions (Maya) that are far from trustworthy and may be oppressive as well as liberating: "The astral seeks to deceive". Your ability to perform white magic and to produce true psychic visions depends not only on your astral capability but on the extent to which your operations are rooted in Spirit, represented by the higher Sephirah - preferably Kether in Atziluth, EHEIEH. Guided by spirit, the life energy of Yesod, the Machinery of the Universe, will catalyze a positive transmutation of the future, symbolized by the goddess of the bright Moon, Diana the huntress.

Title(s) Yesod, the Foundation (Yod, Samech, Vau, Daleth). The Fulcrum.
Place Towards the base of the Pillar of Equilibrium. Opposite to Tiphareth. Gives rise to Malkuth through the path of Tau.
"32 Paths of Wisdom" "The Ninth Path is the Pure Intelligence, so called becuse it purifies the Numerations, it proves and corrects the designing of their representation, and disposes their unity with which they are combined without diminution or division. "
The four worlds Atziluth Briah Yetzirah Assiah
Divine names Godname: Shaddai el Chai ("Almighty Living God" or "Almighty God of Life"). Archangel: Gabriel, gives the powers of vision, a blue-green figure with silver flashes, the battery of the Universe. Angel choir: Kerubim ("the strong") aka Angels. Mundane chakra: Levanah ("The Lunar Flame"), the Moon.
Colours Indigo Violet Very dark purple Citrine, flecked azure
Tarot suits 9 of Wands (Strength): Yesod in Atziluth/ spirit.Great physical (Herculian) strength. Recovery from sickness. Victory preceded by apprehension and fear. Use of inner strength. 9 of Cups (Happiness): Yesod in Briah/ consciousness. Complete success". Fullfillment of wishes. Pleasure and sensuality. Highminded, not easily satisfied with small/linited ideas. 9 of Swords (Cruelty): Yesod in Yetzirah/ the astral. Illness, suffering and cruelty. Lying, dishonesty, pain. Facing the inner self-critic. 9 of Disks (Gain): Yesod in material Assiah. Inheritance or material gain by good luck and management, sometimes theft.
10 Commandments "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor"
Crowley's "10 Secret Joys of The Master" "The Stability of the Universe is Change, the Assurance of thy Truth."
Paul Case's "Pattern on the Threstleboard" "In thought and word and deed, I rest my life, from day to day, upon the sure Foundation of Eternal Being."
Virtue / Vice Independence/idleness.
Spiritual Experience Vision of the Machinery of the Universe. 6th way (ray) to spiritual realization: Devotion/Idealism.
Magical Image A beautiful naked man, very strong.
Magical symbols Perfumes (etheric, playing on the emotions). Sandals (earth magnetism, treading on holy ground, winged sandals of Hermes).
Chakra symbols (Sir John Woodroffe) "The Svadhisthana Chakra is of the colour of vermilion, and has six petals.On its sic petals are the six letters Ba, Bha, Ma, Ya, Ra and La, with the Bindu placed thereon.They are of the colour of lightning.
In the pericarp of this Lotus is the region of water in the form of and eight-petalled Lotus, with a half-moon in its centre. This region is white.
Inside the latter is the Varuna-Bija "
Vam", seated on a Makara, with a noose in his hand.
In the lap of the latter (in the hollow of the Bindu) is Vishnu seated on Garuda.he has four hands, and is carrying the Sankha (conch shell), Cakra (discus), Gada (mace), and Padma (lotus).He is dressed in yellow raiment, wears a long garland (Vanamala) round his neck, the mark Sri-vatsa and the gem Kaustubha on his breast, and is youthful in appearance.
On a red lotus in the pericarp is the Shakti Rakini. She is Syama-varna (her colour), and in her four hands she holds the Sula (spear or trident), Abja (lotus), Damaru (drum) and Tanka (battle-axe). She is three-eyed and has fierce projecting fangs (Kutila-damstri), and is terrible to behold. She is fond of white rice, and a stream of blood runs from her nostril."
Body Sexual organs (sexual disorders), the vital current. The Hara chakra - four fingers below the navel - regulates the glands of the testicles or ovaries and balances action/tension (right) and finishing/relaxation (left). The Central Nervous System. Chi. Meridian lines. Kundalini, symbolized by a serpent coiled around the reproductive organs. The vegetative life energy of plants.
Mythology Moon goddesses. Diana/Artemis, moon goddess, chaste goddess, ever virgin, fertility goddess - there are times when Diana is many-breasted and times when her hounds tear the intruder to pieces. Selene/Luna. Hecate, goddess of witchcraft and childbirth. Isis, lunar crescent upon her head. Maat sitting on her heels. Atlas holding the world. Frej. Vampire. Noah's Ark. Serpent in the Garden of Eden. Serpent on the Tree of Life. Serpent of Wisdom with the tail in its mouth. Serpents actually move by undulations, corresponding to the moon phases. The Holy Spirit (Virgin Mary).
Other symbols Animals related to water. Lavender. Damiana. Iris. Violet. Willow. Cat. Monday.


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