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8. hod


The eighth stage, Hod, is the stage of concentration where the energy is temporarily controlled and molded into forms. The effort of Hod is not a stable one: The eights of the tarot symbolise success in the matter for the time being.

On a personal level, Hod is typicaly mirrored by the concrete mind, the intellect working with language, symbols, any form created by the individual mind. The powers of the WORD: Philosophy, systems, reason, litterature, ceremonial magic, thought, science, mantras, signs, any controlled use of oral vibration. But Hod's words of power are only effective when they are vibrated and projected with the intensely inspired feelings of Netzach.

At its best, Hod is completely neutral, watery and reflective. It represents the true Glory of the light-filled mind when it mirrors the higher truths of Chesed. But most often "the Astral seeks to deceive", the symbols do not reveal but conceal the truth. This occurs when our relationship with the symbols are emotionally biased, unenligtened by Netzach that teaches the truth of both sides of any symbolic polarity.

Title(s) Hod, Glory (Hé, Vau, Daleth). Active Science.
Place At the foot of the Pillar of Severity, opposite to Netzach. Gives rise to Yesod through the path of Resh.
"32 Paths of Wisdom" "The Eighth Path is called Absolute or Perfect, because it is the means of the primordial, which has no root by which it can cleave, nor rest, except in the hidden places of Gedulah, Magnificence, which emanate from its own proper essence. "
The four worlds Atziluth Briah Yetzirah Assiah
Divine names Godname: Chakra: Elohim Tzabaoth ("God of Hosts"). Archangel: Michael (restricts the phallic serpents of the Freudians). Angel choir: Beni Elohim ("Sons of God", they are the forms) aka Archangels Mundane chakra: Kokab ("The Stellar Light"), Mercury
Colours Violet purple Orange Red-russet Yellowish brown, flecked white
Tarot suits 8 of Wands (Swiftness): Hod in Atziluth/ spirit. Very rapid rush too quickly passed and expended. Hasty communication. Electricity, swiftness or rapidity. Direct speech or action. 8 of Cups (Indolence): Hod in Briah/ consciousness. Abandoned success or decline of interest in anything. Misery without cause. Depletion, indolence 8 of Swords (Interference): Hod in Yetzirah/ the astral. To go first in one direction and then another. Shortened force, narrowness or restriction, a prison. Too much attention to detail, pettiness. Over-analysing. 8 of Disks (Prudence): Akaiah/Kehethel ­ Hod in material Assiah . Skill, prudence, overcarefullness about small things, at the expense of great. Gain of ready money in small sums. "Penny wise and pound foolish". Prudence or centeredness.
10 Commandments "Thou shalt not steal" .
Crowley's "10 Secret Joys of The Master" "The Mutability of the Universe is the Splendour of thine Ingenuity."
Paul Case's "Pattern on the Threstleboard" "I look forward with confidence to the perfect realization of the Eternal Splendour of the Limitless Light."
Virtue / Vice Truthfullness / falsehood, dishonesty, mental rigidity.
Spiritual Experience Vision of Splendour. 5th way (ray) to spiritual realization: Knowledge/Science. The hermetic orange ray.
Magical Image A hermaphrodite.
Magical symbols Names (words of power) and Versicles (mantras). Apron (craftsman, maker of forms). Spells. Book. Chain.
Body Loins and legs. Right arm and hand. Right kidney (kidney disorders). Manipura (Solar Plexus) chakra (together with Netzach on the path of Peh).
Mythology Gods of wisdom. Smart gods. Thoth. Mercury. Hermes. Ganesha. Odin. Heimdal. Loke.
Other symbols Rosemary. Couchgrass. Sage. Pansy. Hazeltree. Fox. Elf. Wednesday.


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