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7. netzach


Netzach is the sephirah of polarity, the seventh stage where the light of Tiphareth is broken up as by a prism into many-rayed manifestation, but still it isn't fully individualised. Netzach, Victory is achieved when there is a balance and mutual fruitation between the individual and the collective.

Netzach is about being attracted towards and identifying with other people or beings or with the collective forms of nature or of culture: The power to enter imaginatively into the life of existence different to our own, to involve oneself and surrender to the unity with the other, feeling inspired, enthusiastic or even ecstatic.

This includes not only relationships in all forms: Friendship, sexual relationships, brother and sisterhood, parenthood, etc., but also the active use of instincts that are the collective heritage of the human species, and the channeling of cultural archetypes into forms (Hod) known as art.

Among these archetypes are the gods, which are natural forces clothed in symbols that are built, worshipped and thereby maintained by human cultures. These are the angels of Netzach, the Elohim, the gods. The ability to invoke and identify with the godforms of Netzach through the mind-forms of Hod is one powerful way of activating natural forces in magic rituals.

The beings of Netzach are "flowing backwards and forwards over the boundaries of manifestation (...) Such beings have no individualised personalities, but are like armies with banners that can be seen in sunset clouds" (...) "all mind is group mind in Netzach" (...) Every life or form of force manifesting in Netzach is a partial but specialised manifestation (..) a creature of one idea, one single, stereotyped function" (Dion Fortune;222).

The Netzach force is characterised by continuous inspiration from the outside and from within. As can be seen from the tarot sevens, this is a very unstable situation: "lucky in love, unlucky in cards", "all for love and the world well lost". Only when combined with the concentrating powers of Hod, more stable manifestation will be achieved.

Title(s) Netzach, Victory (Nun, Taddi, Cheth). Firmness.
Place At the foot of the Pillar of Mercy, opposite to Hod which it gives rise to through the path of Peh.
"32 Paths of Wisdom" "The Seventh Path is the Occult Intelligence, because it is the Refulgent Splendour of all the Intellectual virtues which are perceived by the eyes of intellect, and by the contemplation of faith. "
The four worlds Atziluth Briah Yetzirah Assiah
Divine names Godname: Jehovah Tzabaoth ("Lord of Hosts") Archangel: Haniel Angel choir: Elohim ("Gods") aka Principalities Mundane chakra: Nogah ("Glittering splendour"), Venus
Colours Amber Emerald Bright yellow green Olive, flecked gold
Tarot suits 7 of Wands (Valour): Netzach in spiritual Atziluth. Opposition and possible victory depending on the amount of courage exercised. Valour: Be true to your values. 7 of Cups (Debauch): Netzach in Briah. Error, illusion and illusionary success. Egocentricity and self-deception. 7 of Swords (Futility): Netzach in astral Yetzirah. Unstable effort, vascillation and untrustworthy character. Inclination to lose when on point of gaining through not continuing the effort. 7of Disks (Failure): Netzach in material Assiah. Great work for little reward, disappointment. Misery, slavery, necessity and baseness. Honorable work undertaken only for the love of it and without desire of reward.
10 Commandments "Thou shalt not commit adultery"
Crowley's "10 Secret Joys of The Master" "The Sensibility of the Universe is the Triumph of thine Imagination."
Paul Case's "Pattern on the Threstleboard" "Living from that Will, supported by its unfailing Wisdom and Understanding, mine is the Victorious Life."
Virtue / Vice Unselfishness, altruism / Lust, impurity.
Spiritual Experience Vision of beauty triumphant. The 4th way (ray) to spiritual realisation: Beauty/Harmony.
Magical Image A beautiful naked woman.
Magical symbols A carried Lamp (related to fire). Girdle. Rose (girdle and rose are traditionally Venus). Cup. Chalice. Grail. Dagger.
Body Loins. Hips. Legs. Left arm. Left kidney (kidney disorders). Left hand. Manipura (Solar Plexus) chakra (together with Hod on the path of Peh).
Mythology Goddesses of love. Venus. Hathoor. Freja. Faun. Aphrodite: White Aphrodite & Dove (Atziluth and Briah) vs. Dark Aphrodite & Leopard (Yetzirah and Assiah). Ischtar. Frigg. Freja.
Other symbols Patchouli. Couchgrass. Verbena. Red rose. Grasses. Appletree. Dove. Friday.


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