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27. peh

(the tower)

Peh is the path connecting Hod, the sephirah of human mind-forms, with Netzach, the sephirah of polarized energy. As the first path within the Astral Triangle it is the key constructor and equilibrator of the personality; "through it every existent being receives its spirit and motion".

Peh means 'mouth', the personality understood as the soul's means of concentrated expression on the lower astral planes. The personality is a product of Hod and Netzach: The light of Tiphareth is split up into the many-rayed manifestation of Netzach and this division is confirmed by the analytical mental capacity of Hod: The ego is constructed.

While the light of the soul passes into the personality via this symbolic mouth, speech passes out of it. The activity constituting the ego-personality-mouth is the use of language, the splitting up of creation into comprehensible pieces. But speech can be monologue or dialogue, condemnation or communication, a means of isolation or understanding, a barrier or a bridge.

It depends on the degree of mutual fruitation between the mental concentration of Hod and the collective inspiration of Netzach. Consider for a moment the openness of your Solar Plexus chakra. In tarot, the problem is illustrated by the trump of The Tower, referring of course to the tower of Babel from Genesis where all communication eventually broke down, but also to the ego-personality which may become a fortress against inspiration from our fellow beings.

Only when Hod and Netzach are in perfect sync, the light of Tiphareth will shine into the personality and illuminate our earthly relations, the ego becomes a vehicle for the word of spirit, the tower becomes a house of God, and there is a balance between internal and external impulses. One method is vibrating the words of power taught by the qabalah, concentrated into the mental symbols of Hod and charged with the ecstatic enthusiasm of Netzach.

Meaning of Letter: Mouth. Type of Letter: Double Letter: Grace-Indignation. Value: 80.
Place Between Netzach and Hod, the first path across the Astral Triangle between the Pillars of Mercy and Severity. Compare also with the balancing paths Daleth and Teth.
"32 Paths of Wisdom" "The Twenty-seventh Path is the Active or Exciting Intelligence, and is so called because through it every existent being receives its spirit and motion."
Tarot Trump 15. The Tower. The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty. The Conquering Child. Priest of the Divine Fire.
Virtue / Vice: Opportunistic / apathetic. Astrology: Mars.
The four worlds Atziluth Briah Yetzirah Assiah
Meanings of Trump Purifying Cathartic Motivated Releasing
Colours Scarlet Red Venetian red Bright red, rayed azure or emerald
Tarot affirmation 1: "With a flash of insight I am freed of the limitations of my old mental habits. I discover new wisdom in a breakthrough of understanding".
Tarot affirmation 2 "I am the Tower, uncompromising in my self-integrity".
Magical symbols Sword. Tower. Fire.
Chakra symbols (Sir John Woodroffe) "The Nabhi-padma (Navel Lotus or Manipura) is of the colour of the rain-cloud and has ten petals; on each of its petals are each of the ten letters, Da, Dha, Na, Ta, Tha, Da, Dha, Na, Pa, Pha, and of a lustrous blue colour, with the Bindu above each of them.
In the pericarp of this lotus is the red Region of Fire, which is triangular in shape, and outside it, on its three sides, are three swastika signs.
Within the triangle is the Bija of Fire ­ "
Ram". He (Bija of Fire) is red in colour and seated on a ram, is four-armed, and holds in his hands the ajra (thunderbolt) and the Shakti weapon, and makes the signs of Vara and of Abhaya (the mudras granting boons and dispelling fear).
In the lap of Vahni-Bija is Rudra, red of colour, seated on a bull, who, however, appears to be white on account of the ashes which he smears on His body. He is old in appearance.
On a red lotus in the pericarp of this Lotus is the Shakti Lakini. She is blue, has three faces with three eyes in each, is four-armed, and with Her hands holds the Vajra and the Shakti weapon, and makes the signs of dispelling fear and granting boons. She has fierce projecting teeth, and is fond of eating rice and dhal, cooked and mixed with meat and blood (Khecaranna)."
Body Solar Plexus. Navel. Mid belly. Small intestines. Various disorders, including emotional. Talismanic arts. Creating disorder. The solar plexus chakra - below the ribs - regulates the Pancreas's production of insulin that influence the blood sugar. If emotions are mostly externally focused , it inhibits the pancreas, and blood sugar becomes too high (and vice versa).
Mythology Tower of Babel. Dragon. Marduk and Tiamat. Circumcision. Christian Rosenkreutz' journey: The King and Queen's sevenfold alchemical process in the seven storey tower.
Other symbols C Natural. Fennel. Nettle. Horse chestnut. Gnat.


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