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24. nun


Nun links Tiphareth, the soul prepared for incarnation, with Netzach, polarized and projected manifestation. Netzach is the first sephirah of the astral-personality triangle. Therefore the link between Tiphareth and Netzach is the path where both incarnation and dis-incarnation into and out of the personality takes place. It is a death (or birth) of the soul into the constraints of a personality and a death (or resurrection) in the more common understanding of the word. Death is also the name of the related tarot trump.

The energy's wandering down the tree is a process of polarisation and therefore increased projection. Tiphareth projects itself into the form-world (Yetzirah) beginning with Netzach. Nun is the path on which the soul directs and models the personality downwards into incarnation: " gives a likeness to all the similitudes which are created in like manner similar to its harmonious elegancies" (harmony=Tiphareth).

In Netzach we are seeking ourselves in others, in Tiphareth we experience our individual wholeness. The projective character of Netzach leads to desire, but it must be left behind to reach Tiphareth: Not only sexual desire but the desire nature of the personality as such, even the desire for life, survival. Acceptance of this death provides us with the freedom to change and ressurrect, to live.

Meaning of Letter: Fish. Type of Letter: Simple Letter: Movement. Value: 50.
Place Between Tiphareth and Netzach, between the Ethical and Astral Triangles, opposite to the accepting path of Ayin.
"32 Paths of Wisdom" "The Twenty-fourth Path is the Imaginative Intelligence, and it is so called because it gives a likeness to all the similitudes which are created in like manner similar to its harmonious elegancies."
Tarot Trump 13. Death. The Child of the Great Transformers. The Lord of the Gate of Death. The Redeeming Belly. Law of Transformation.
Virtue / Vice: Changing / refusing. Astrology: Scorpio.
The four worlds Atziluth Briah Yetzirah Assiah
Meanings of Trump Liberation Fear Recognition Structure
Colours Green blue Dull brown Very dark brown Livid indigo brown (like a black beetle)
Tarot affirmation 1: "I am ready for a renewal of myself, I look forward to a time of spirirutal regeneration".
Tarot affirmation 2 "I am the Death, free".
Magical symbols Scythe. Poisons.
Body Left lower back. Stomach. Ulceration. Necromancy. Meduimistic abilities.
Mythology Resurrected gods. Osiris. Christ. Lamia.
Other symbols G Natural. Peppermint. Snowdrop. Yew tree. Scorpion.


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