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21. kaph

(wheel of fortune)

Kaph connects the lawgiving sephirah Chesed with the sephirah of polarities and desires, Netzach. It challenges our concepts of order and chaos, riches and poverty. Earthly success may be cosmic tragedy and vice versa. The earthly perspectives and desires must be given up in order to leave the limitations of the personality behind.

As indicated by the tarot trump below, Fortune, there are no accidents in the universe. The wheel of karma turns according to our own choices. Even when our personality is too blind to see the consequences, our mercyful soul (Chesed) will expose us to life-cycles that move us forward, by gain or disaster, on this spiritual journey.

Kaph means fist: Being able to move forward and grasp new possibilities without the fear of leaving behind what we have. Kaph is the path where we must choose whether to resist or adapt to change, whether to feel priviliged or punished by life, whether to trust or distrust our destiny: How lucky we are.

Meaning of Letter: Fist. Type of Letter: Double Letter: Riches/Poverty. Value: 20.
Place Between Chesed and Netzach, the Ethical and Astral Triangles, in the Pillar of Mercy, opposite to the path of reserved perspectives, Mem. Compare also with the lawgiving, jupeterian sephirah Chesed.
"32 Paths of Wisdom" "The Twenty-first Path is the Intelligence of Conciliation, and is so called because it receives the divine influence which flows into it from its benediction upon all and each existence. "
Tarot Trump 10. Wheel of Fortune. Lord of the Forces of Life. The Father of All. Law of Cycles.
Virtue / Vice: Gambling / compulsive. Astrology: Jupiter.
The four worlds Atziluth Briah Yetzirah Assiah
Meanings of Trump Change Courageous Opportunistic Extremist
Colours Violet Blue Rich purple Bright blue, rayed yellow
Tarot affirmation 1: "The cycles of my life expose me to the consitions I need to experience, to enable me to reach my fullest potential. I focus inward. From my center I can direct the the motion of my life".
Tarot affirmation 2 "I am Fortune, a fortune wheel of health and wealth".
Magical symbols Sceptre. Wheel.
Body Left mid back and sides. Large intestine (descending). Rectum. Emotional disorders. Divination.
Mythology Lemur.
Other symbols A Sharp. Basil. Pilewort. Anemone. Plane tree. Blackbird.


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