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20. yod

(the hermit)

Yod is the path connecting the archetypical ideas of Chesed with the soul's point of healing sacrifice and incarnation, Tiphareth. Yod provides the code that regulates each incarnation of the soul and moulds its successive personalities. It is the "preparation of all and each created being", based on the wisdom achieved by the soul so far with all its strengths and weaknesses.

When incarnated, this code is still available to us. It is our guiding light within. Yod means 'hand', but as the first letter in the tetragrammaton, it also refers to fire, the wand, the logus, the phallus, the male sperm, Chokmah, the All Father: "By this intelligence the existence of the Primordial Wisdom becomes known". Yod is the hand of God, the light directing our existence from within.

As pointed out by the tarot trump below, this path enables us to become self-contained and self-sustaining, like the Hermit carrying his own light. This means introspection and integrety, not isolation. On the contrary, some call this path "The Law of Response", It's about being responsible, setting yourself free in order to set others free, truly helping without wanting to interfere or control people (Virgo).

Meaning of Letter: Hand. Type of Letter: Simple Letter: Sexual Love. Value: 10.
Place Between Chesed and Tiphareth in the Ethical Triangle, opposite to the path of karmic evaluation, Lamed. Compare also with another 'foundation', the 9th sephirah Yesod.
"32 Paths of Wisdom" "The Twentieth Path is the Intelligence of Will, and is so called because it is the means of preparation of all and each created being, and by this intelligence the existence of the Primordial Wisdom becomes known."
Tarot Trump 9. The Hermit. The Prophet of the Eternal. The Magus of the Voice of Power. The Secret Seed. Law of Response.
Virtue / Vice: Seperated / escapist. Astrology: Virgo.
The four worlds Atziluth Briah Yetzirah Assiah
Meanings of Trump Introspective Sober Discriminating Sufficiency
Colours Green, yellowish Slate grey Green grey Plum colour
Tarot affirmation 1: "I look inward, seeking the guidance of my higher self as I journey toward deep understanding and enlightenment".
Tarot affirmation 2 "I am the Hermit, self-sufficient and independent".
Magical symbols Lamp. Wand. Bread. Uraeus.
Body Left upper back and sides. Left lung. Bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma. Invisibility.
Mythology Moses with his staff. The Hand of God. Appartition. The last supper and other mystical banquets (Round Table of King Arthur), equality and diversity about a common centre.
Other symbols F Natural. Camphor. Coltsfoot. Rosebay willow herb. Walnut tree. Crow.


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