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1. kether

(the crown)

Every Sephirah is a gate, and Kether is the gate between the Unmanifest and the world being accessible to human consciousness.

It is the qabalah's concept of a divine starting point. The birth of a new sequence, a new world. Or new energy pouring into the world we know, providing it with new life.

In this proces, the four elements are born, represented by the angels of Kether, the Holy Living Creatures (the four Seraphim): Bull, lion, eagle and man.

Therefore, Kether is the richest and most supreme source of energy for any qabalistic operation. It is the point where we can truly experience that God is actively creating our universe.

Regarded as a level of consciousness, Kether represents union with God, the Completion of the Great Work, the end and aim of any mystical experience.

Title(s) Kether, the Crown (Kaph, Tau, Resh). Existence of Existences. Concealed of the Concealed. Ancient of Ancients. Ancient of Days. The Primordial Point. The Point within the Circle. The Most High. The Vast Countenance. The White Head. The Head which is not. Macroprosopos. Amen. Lux Occulta. Lux Interna. He. God the Creator. The Malkuth of the Unmanifest.
Place At the head of the Pillar of Equilibrium in the Supernal Triangle. Gives rise to Chokmah through the path of Aleph and Binah through the path of Beth. Opposite to Malkuth.
"32 Paths of Wisdom" "The First path is called the Admirable or the Hidden Intelligence (the Highest Crown): for it is the Light giving the power of comprehension of that First Principle which has no beginning; and it is the Primal Glory, for no created being can attain to its essence".
The four worlds Atziluth Briah Yetzirah Assiah
Divine names Godname: Eheieh ("I Am that I Am", "I Will Be", "I Become", 'I Am That I Am"). Archangel: Metatron (The Bright Angel). Angel choir: Chaioth ha Qadesh ("Holy Living Creatures") / Seraphim. Exist in 4 forms: Bull (Taurus), lion (Leo), eagle (Scorpio), man (Aquarius) (the Fixed signs). Mundane chakra: Rashith ha Gilgalim, Primum Mobile or First Swirlings (Neptune).
Colours Brilliance White brilliance White brilliance White, flecked gold
Tarot suits Ace of Wands: Kether of Atziluth, the primary outpouring energy of the universe, the source of all. Natural force, vigor, rush, energy. Ace of Cups: Kether in Briah, the mental/soul level. A maternal force or consciousness. The Church, a building which encloses the faithful. Fertility, productiveness. Beauty, pleasure. Ace of Swords: Kether in Yetzirah: The sword of good and evil (its astral!). Force which is invoked. Ace of Disks: Kether in Assiah, the world of materiality. The four elements to be manifested on earth. Material gain good or evil.
10 Commandments "Thou shalt have no other gods before me".
Crowley's "10 Secret Joys of The Master" "Thou art that which thou choosest to think thyself, immune to all, for it is nothing but a point of view".
Paul Case's "Pattern on the Threstleboard" "I am a centre of expression for the Primal Will-to-Good which eternally creates and sustains the universe".
Virtue / Vice Completion of the Great Work/ (no vices)
Spiritual Experience Union with God (the end and aim of all mystical experience). Samadhi.
Magical Image An ancient bearded king seen in profile, crowned, white-bearded, seen from right
Magical symbols The point. The crown. The Swastica ­ four arms represent the primordial elemens in swriling motion around a point. Cauldron. Lamp.
Body The Cranium. The Sah. Yechidah. The Divine Spark. The Sahasrara or Crown chakra, the 1000-petaled Lotus (Bija="Aum"). Consciousness (lifelessness, soul-lessness). The crown chakra - above the top of the skull - regulates the pituitary gland that connects the central nervous system and the entire system of hormone producing glands, the masculine-feminine balance as such.
Mythology Shiva (with trident)
Other symbols Almond. Camomile. Lotus. Swan. Dryad.


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