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19. teth


Teth is the first path outside the Supernal Triangle (Eden). Outside this garden, from the top of the Ethical Triangle, the human soul is to find its self-consciousness, its direction, conscience and ethics, on its own. Teth is the path on which the fiery darkness of the Supernals is manifested as light, the now seperate (solar!) consciousness of souls.

Teth means 'serpent', the animal which played a crucial role as the tempter in Genesis, but which is also a symbol of perfect manifestation and wisdom with a tail in its mouth. The angels of Geburah are in fact the seraphim, the fiery serpents. The serpent of Kundalini, the life force, can rise from Yesod and illuminate the higher chakras, as symbolized by the snakes climbing the Caduceus. The snake is therefore a perfect symbol of the condition of the human soul, its potential for growth through life.

The path of Teth connects not only Chesed's archetypical laws with Geburah's carrying them out, but also the main Pillars of Mercy and Severity. Therefore it is a path of particularly strong and fruitful polarity, a highly sexual path between love and will as such, of fluent manifestation. If successful, this intercourse fuels the soul's journey into form with a loving determination that enables it to accept, control and transform the earthly forces of nature. These are symbolized by the lion (Leo!) on the tarot trump below, controlled by a woman, Eve, a key actor behind our venture into self-consciousness, our Lust for life.

Do you have the guts?

Meaning of Letter: Serpent. Type of Letter: Simple Letter: Taste. Value: 9.
Place Between Chesed and Geburah. The first path of the Ethical Triangle. Compare also with the other horisontal paths Daleth and Peh.
"32 Paths of Wisdom" "The Nineteenth Path is the Intelligence of all the activities of the spiritual beings, and is so called because of the affluence diffused by it from the most high blessing and most exalted sublime glory."
Tarot Trump 8. Lust (Strength). The Daughter of the Flaming Sword. The Magickal Union. Children of the dragon flame. Law of Suggestion.
Virtue / Vice: Limited / selfish. Astrology: Leo.
The four worlds Atziluth Briah Yetzirah Assiah
Meanings of Trump Affirming Passionate Certain Beautiful
Colours Yellow, greenish Deep purple Grey Reddish amber
Tarot affirmation 1: "I release the energy from my greatest fears, weaknesses and repressions, and utilize it as a source of vitality and power, which enables me to reach my highest dreams".
Tarot affirmation 2 "I am Lust, nothing can stop my lust for life".
Magical symbols Heart. Reins. Elixir.
Chakra symbols (Sir John Woodroffe) "At the base of the throat (Kantha-mule) is the Visuddha Chakra, with sixteen petals of smoky purple hue. Its filaments are ruddy, and the sixteen vowels, which are red and have the Bindu above them, are on the petals.
In its pericarp is the ethereal region (Nabho-mandala), circular and white.
Inside it is the Candra-mandala, and above it is the Bija "
Ham". This Bija is white and garmented in white (clothed in space), seated on an elephant, and is four-armed.
In his four hands he holds the Pasa (noose) and the Ankusa (goad), and makes the Vara-mudra and the Abhaya-mudra (the boon and fear-dispelling signs)
In his lap is Sada-Shiva, seated on a great lion-seat which is placed on the back of a bull he is in his form of Arddha-narisvara, and as such half his body is the colour of snow, and the other half the colour of gold. He has five faces and ten arms, and in his hands he holds the Sula (trident), the Tanka (battle-axe), the Khadga (sacrificial sword), the Vajra (thunderbolt), Dahana (Agneya-astra), the Nagendra (great snake), the Ghanta (bell), the Ankusa (goad), the Pasa (noose), and makes the Abhaya-mudra (dispelling fear). He wears a tigers' skin, his whole body is smeared with ashes, and he has a garland of snakes round his neck. The nectar dropping from the down-turned digit of the Moon is on his forehead.
Within the pericarp, and in the Lunar Region, and seated on bones, is the Shakti Sakini, white in colour, four-armed, five-faced and three-eyed, clothed in yellow, and carrying in Her hand a bow, an arrow, a noose, and a goad."
Body Kundalini, the sacred Fire. Upper chest (breasts). Lymph. Spleen. Defence disorders (widespread disorder). Dialogue with other beings. The throat chakra - at the throat cavity - regulates the thyroid gland that influence metabolism.
Mythology Book of Daniel. Daniel in the Lion's Den. The work of St. John: Book of Revelation. Androchles and the Lion. Cat/lion goddesses Bast and Sekhmet. Vestal Virgin (keeping the Sacred Fire). Gorgon.
Other symbols E Natural(Sharp?). Calamus. Echinacea. Sunflower. Fig. Lion.


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