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12. beth

(the magician)

Beth means 'house'. It directs and encloses spirit flowing out of Kether and moulds it into the great womb of Binah. In pathworking, Beth is the path where the unlimited energy of Kether comes within reach of the formative mind. It is the fundamental vibratory process of the Word, the effect of pronouncing correctly 'IHVH'.

Beth is the essence of spiritual technology, illustrating the point that our world is continuously being created by our attention, intention and focus. It is both that which transmits and that which is transmitted. Everything we see, we create. Be wise of what you are giving your attention to.

Beth is the primary symbol of the Will aspect of God. All created wills are but reflections of this process, and we must allow this primal will to act through ourselves. "Except Adonai builds the house, their labor is but lost that build it".

Meaning of Letter: House Type of Letter: Double Letter: Life-Death. Value: 2
Place Between Kether and Binah at the top of the Pillar of Severity. The second path into the Supernal Triangle, opposite to the path of Aleph. Compare also with the sephirah Hod.
"32 Paths of Wisdom" "The Twelfth Path is the Intelligence of Transparency because it is that species of Magnificence called Chazchazit, which is named the place whence issues the vision of those seeing in apparitions. (That is the prophecies by seers in a vision.)."
Tarot Trump 1. Magician. The Magus of Power. The messenger. The spirit of the temple. Law of attention.
Virtue / Vice: Talented / deceptive. Astrology: Mercury.
The four worlds Atziluth Briah Yetzirah Assiah
Meanings of Trump Willful Unpredictable Quick Graceful
Colours Yellow Purple Grey Indigo, rayed violet
Tarot affirmation 1: "I have a clear understanding of who I am. I am grounded and in control of myself and my life".
Tarot affirmation 2 "I am the Magus, talented and magical".
Magical symbols Wand. Caduceus.
Body Right eye. Right ear. Pineal. Hearing. Balance. Seeing. Optical defects. Ear disorders. Healing. Casting spells.
Mythology Hermes Trismegistos. Mercury. Hanuman, the Ape God (Hindu Mercury). Loki. Ouroboros.
Other symbols E Natural. Cardamom. Hyssop. Eyebright. Primrose. Ashtree. Monkey. Apeman.

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